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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BMWs in Action

This is a mentoring program that is interested in female teenagers between the ages of 12-19 years old. In this program the mentee's will learn that there is more to life than just sex, money & drugs. We are here to help guide them in the right direction to having a Successful life.
"We are proud to announce that on June 5, 2010 we will have our 1st meet with our Youth Girls along w/their Parents. We will be meeting from 1pm-3pm @ Jordan Armani's [Charleston, SC] which is sponsored by our very own sponsor Phlayva Entertainment. We look forward to seeing the parents/guardian along with the teenagers out there. Please see a mentor for directions. Thanks for your support in advance!"
This is a Non-Profit Organization aiming towards Selflessly Inspiring Successful Teenagers Achieving higher Standards in life. For more information, email. sistas_helping_sistas@live.com

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