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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm Tasha Mack, No I'm Tasha Mack...

Tasha is a wise-cracking, "crazy" mom who is a go-getter. She is a mother/manager of the show's star quarterback Malik Wright. She grew up in Richmond, California and had a baby in high school with her long time boyfriend Chauncey.

Researcher Thoughts - Many young, Black women who are single mothers can identify with Tasha Mack. Black women have a history of enduring for the sake of their children. Black women swallowed their anger and suppressed rage while raising their children with courage and hope to survive their own lives. However, Minority Millennials are pushing back on popular belief that young, Black single mothers are the norm. Statistics show sixty-six percent of Black Millennials say the trend of single motherhood is bad for society.

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