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Saturday, May 1, 2010

OMG, I’m a Single Mother...and I’m Black.

"Jill Scott is the [epitome] of everything that is wrong with the black community in every way"
"“Because she had a baby and [isn’t] married?”"
"Jill Scott is racist, ignorant, promotes the ills of our community (remember “Gettin in the Way” anyone?, overweight being “beautiful”, being part of a harem, etc.) Basically all she needs is a “drug habit” and she would embody EVERY single stereotype (Blogger Comment, "Celebrity Seed," www.Sandrarose.com, 2010).
[there is a strong likihood that the proceeding was posted by black readers as Sandra Rose is a celebrity blogger catering to a predominantly Black readership]

Research Thoughts - Black women are already characterized as being "hot in the pants" thanks to media portrayl and the coke-bottle shaped video model. The myth of black women being promiscuis is just that - a myth. Still we find ourselves as statistics when relationships between mother and father do not work out. Becoming a single mother was the first time that I realized being anything while being black was a no-no. It was not until a white friend brought to my attention that I was being stereotyped by the ruling class in society, that I realized that I was being mistreated and generalized as just "another single black mother." However unfair it is, this is "just the way it is." What can Black women do to combat this frame of thought?

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